So I’ve finished my latest book. I’m calling it Wolf – A military P.A.C. Novel. Of course, when I say it’s finished I’m only referring to the story line. It needs an edit now, and then a spelling and grammar check. I think the structure is fine but I’ll check that as well. Then I’ll put it through a couple of beta-readers for the things I might miss. Continuity and details, and the blind spots all authors have. Why do you think editors have a job? They’re needed.

But it’s a nice feeling to finish another. I have ideas for more works, and this one isn’t a stand alone novel but likely a trilogy or a series, so it won’t be the last one by a long shot.

Small victories become large victories. Words become paragraphs, become pages, become chapters. Soon it’s a book.

When you write, break it down for yourself so you can see the pieces.

Enjoy the puzzle.