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Robert Scott is on the run from the Army for stealing advanced military tech — a personal adaptive computer that can heal in the field, act as communication, and update combat suits that are already state of the art.
Thing is, Robert made the P.A.C. units, five of them actually, and sent four of them to his son without the army knowing. A P.A.C. Unit learns from the person it bonds with; Michael Scott and the three men in his Recon unit were Robert’s best choice to train his new tech. He thought he would get them back.
He was wrong.
The recon team is part of a military task force used to manage the limited oil resources of the world so everyone benefits. That’s the idea, at least.
The Oil Wars end with Michael’s best friend dying, and life goes back to normal, almost. Michael’s forgotten his part in the war for some reason. He takes up writing, wintering in the Canadian Rockies. Over the next three years the rest of his recon unit all end up dead and their P.A.C. units missing. Now someone wants Michael’s tech.
But Michael has help, a woman he found nude in a trap line. She’s beautiful, feral, and not what she seems. He was following wolf tracks that day. They stopped at the trap. But the woman, Faelon, has enemies too, and secrets. They both have PAC.
It’s not a fair fight, but the army, Robert Scott, and a Navajo Shaman named White Bear Dying, doesn’t know that.

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