Do you think video games don’t have story, or are they something to while away time. Or so you can get mad at the person playing them, or use them to ignore a person. Maybe they’re just fun. Well, the publishers of these games are starting to catch on, story matters. And it matters to the people who are entertained by video games. What’s the demographic? At a guess? Age ten to  fifty-five – seventy-five. I’m not kidding, the age goes up for those that have been playing since gaming inception. And the age goes down for anyone new to the entertainment.

And the money matters as much as story, tied hand in hand, I’d say. Look at the AAA publishers: Bioware, EA,  Bethesda. CD Red Project, not Triple AAA but if The Witcher 2 takes off the way they hope it might not be long. There’s more publishers, but that’s who comes to mind at the moment. And the stories, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Dead Space. Even Portal.

Dragon age was a game that allowed the choice of the player to affect the world he was playing in, same with Mass Effect and Fallout, And the upcoming Witcher 2, which has a total of sixteen different ending you can play into. And Dead Space and Dead Space 2, nothing but compelling goals and conflicts that drive you forward in the game. It’s about storytelling. And if you don’t think so, go talk to Glados, from Portal 1& 2 she has a test that will prove it, I’m sure.