We live in an amazing world.

I write about amazing worlds and technology, but it doesn’t come from nowhere. It comes from our world. The one we all share. It’s out there, amazing and beautiful and encompassing, making our lives better and richer, there’s an argument there, and fuller.

Want an example: the 3D printer brought us a mainstream way to get a plastic gun in every hand, as long as you have the money for a printer; approx 2500.00 dollars, and the bullet to go with it.There are moral issues that go with this but that’s not the point of this article. This is:  A 3D printer that makes viable working liver cells. the tech isn’t applicable yet, I don’t think, but it means a huge step forward for medical advances and the availability of body parts. Need a new heart? A new liver? A skin draft. I know I’m extrapolating but that’s the point.

Invisibility used to be only in the realm of magic. Now, there are scientific proofs that have the tech coming into the forefront of science. you won’t be able to sneak out of math class yet, but one day… there are 7 more tech advances in this link. Check them out.

And here is a machine that works in the body without the fluids affecting the electronics. Pacemakers are sealed from the body for rejection issues, so this is a step forward for organ implants.

There is always a negative to technology, just like with guns, weapons, electricity, but that’s a matter of application as much as the destructive potential of the technology.

How do you want technology used? Need a new heart?

Have a hug from me today. Then find one closer to your life.

A New World

Every time I start a new book,  it means a new world. A place to play,  a backyard for my characters to flex their muscles on new situations.

It’s 2056 in the world of Wolf. Nano-tech, newly acquired by the world through the efforts of the main characters father is just getting out. Software is becoming adaptive. Medical knowledge and warfare is advancing into gene therapy techniques.

The U.N. has power and flexes it to keep the world running on oil while it slowly turns over to alternate power supplies. 3D solar cubes that use any ambient light. In our world, this tech was invented by a twelve year old boy.

Organic L.E.D. lights, cheap and cost effective.

Houses that are grown through genetics. Not a new concept but one that has promise in our world, and sooner than you might think.

Power that uses with hotspots in a home so plugs and wires become obsolete. Charge a battery off a magnetic plate. Got an Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, anyone. Rechargeable batteries are done the same way.

Sodium batteries, not that I mentioned it in Wolf, but there’s always room for a world to change and grow. Like our world.

The tech I use in my worlds comes from ideas in this world. Real life extrapolated into something new and wonderful.

Hug your family, dog, lover, or any of the in between that makes your world rock.

And have a good day.