So, I’ve gotten some reviews from my work out in the wild. They have been favorable. I’m pleased about that, and the criticism shows that the story is good, though some have questioned the style I use, and I think I know why.

I use sentence fragments in my work, not with everything, but Wolf has that style. Some people don’t mind it, and their reading pleasure isn’t affected by it, others, well it worries them. I’d like my stories to reach as many people as possible, so I need to think about that.

I’m currently rewriting an old work that someone is willing to look at. Falling into an old mindset, the one I had when I wrote the book wasn’t difficult. Getting out of it, is a different matter. I’ve rewritten part of it twice, and I’m on the third rewrite now. I’ve finally found a flavor and style that feels right, I’m sorry I had to search for it in the manner I did, but I’m an organic writer at heart, even though I agree with Larry Brooks and his advice on writing. Using his knowledge and tools though has helped an incredible amount. Look him up if you get a chance. I believe he’s brilliant when it comes to craft.

Hug someone or something that can hug you back, and have a good day.