I had fun writing Samantha.

She’s a general in the Canadian Army of 2056, and a Liaison to the U.N. In this world the United Nations has power to act in defense of the world regardless of the voting countries. In this case it’s to keep the world in oil while it changes over to alternative power. There’s resistance. The States is slow to conform, relying on its own reserves. So is Iraq. But Samantha and her soldiers take what the world needs, as peacefully as possible.

When possible.

After the war, Samantha winds up with the Personal Adaptive Computer that belonged to her son. Due to the way it’s made, and bonded to its primary interface, it’s traumatized. It’s last order was to find an alternative Primary Interface. Samantha. She wants the link to her dead son and they soon come to an agreement that overrides the P.A.Cs self destruct mechanism.

Samantha is smart, sexy and aggressive. Follow her story in Wolf: A Military P.A.C. novel. Available at Amazon.