For a writer, a contract is the Holy Grail. I’ve turned down two in the last few weeks. Why? They weren’t right. The first was an Indie publisher, who, when I asked them questions about their company, only replied by changing their contract, all other queries about them, the company and what they meant to me, as a writer, were not responded to. So I refused their contract.

The second was a large christian publishing company in the states. They wanted to change my content so it was appropriate to their ‘mission’, no profanity and other content changes that weren’t specified. I don’t write nice, at the best of times. I write dark, often showing the good man can attain, but it’s still dark. They also wanted four grand out of me, refundable once they had sold the 1000 book. This is not usually how publishers work.

Nothing like being excited and disappointed at the same time.

I’m still submitting, and writing, and I will continue to look for a publisher that respects me as a writer.

It was a ten-dog day today, meaning lots of love from the furry, and their owners.