Progress on the God’less Saga is going well. I’ve reached the resolution and have about ten to fifteen thousand words left to write. I’m really happy with the story and the way it’s turned out. I have an editor set up to go through it when I’m finished. I found a cover that rocks and the photographer has agreed to a price so that I can use it.

I got my first two star review on Wolf, out of six four and five star reviews. That bummed me out but it was an honest review, one person’s opinion, so I thanked them. What else can one do? It’s part of the writing gig.

I’ve gotten a short story into a horror anthology, due out for October. I’ve given two stories to a charity anthology, no idea if they’ve been accepted but I have high hopes. They are good stories.

And last but not least, I have two publishers interested in the same story, both asked for the full manuscript. Decisions pending. But this is cool.

It’s about story. Go hug someone today.

Smile at the world.