I’ve been reading Mira Grant. What I didn’t know was that she was also Seanan McGuire, of the October Daye series. It’s a brilliant depiction of the old world myths and legends of the Fae.

Mira Grant writes the Newsflesh trilogy. It’s a Zombie world with a twist. A man made disease caused by a combination of two genetic alterations, a cure for the common cold and a cure for cancer. It’s told from the view of two bloggers who have a reputation for telling the truth. The mythos of the story has Newsies, hard fact editorials. Irwins, poke them with a stick adventuring types, and Fictionals. Story tellers, and poets. The characters have depth, the story has over the top original action. The world is hiding from the Zombies and the disease. Security is high, fear is rampant and the economy is prospering from both. Even the President is in on the story. I read the three books in a matter of two weeks. Because she’s Mira Grant, who’s Seanan McGuire, and she rocks as an author. Read her in either incarnation. You won’t be disappointed.