There’s an old Tibetan saying that kicks around in my memory quite often. It goes like this: Water is wet. Fire burns. When I think on what it means, it speaks of cycles; rain, and the clearing of ecologies so that new growth can take place. Every where I look I can see this kind of renewal. In a flood, a forest fire, the way pain makes us feel and the soothing caress of water that washes it away. Tears. Emotions. Being Human. Opposing forces. Conflict. The analogies go on. It’s what drives us and makes us look for meaning in the world.

Now-a-days I’ve added a line to that Tibetan scroll. Water is wet, Fire burns, Words have power.

It was a five dog day today. I smiled and I made someone laugh. I didn’t hurt anyone. I found more of the ending to a book I’m working on.

I hope you are all well hugged.