How do you know you’re a writer?

The easy answer is because you do. You write every day: grocery lists, wish lists, reports for work. Most people think they have the right to critique writing or that they could write a book. Maybe. But would they think that if they had a brush in hand, would they try to paint a landscape and when that failed, at first, would they gain new respect for the artist. The art itself. It doesn’t always work that way with books and the writing there of.

But most people write, and have been doing so since they were six, seven years of age, and hey, we all have an opinion. Isn’t that what a critique is, another person’s opinion. Which, if you go to a place to get critiques, called workshops, and I do, two to three a month. I listen, mostly, to the opinions that repeat. That’s how I know it’s not just someone’s pet peeve, or personal issue coming up, a dislike based on personal emotion. The broad sweeping kind that include everyone under one umbrella. But, and this is a big but, every opinion can be helpful. Writer’s listen, too.

So are you passionate? Did you write a book yet? Have a friend that did? I know several, also a few that just talk about it, they have great ideas though. And they do, I’ve heard several of them. But here’s the thing; and you’ll hear this, a lot:

Writer’s write.

Most every day. Most can’t help themselves, they have to get rid of that itch that makes them crazy. And then they have to improve it, make it a better itch, the best they can. So they rewrite their insanity. I wonder sometimes if this is how God started his career.

I write fiction: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, I think I’m terrible with humor, but people laugh in the right places occasionally. So don’t let your own opinion get in your way, writer’s get better with practice.