Is a great writer. He writes epic fantasy with great detail and characterisaztion, making you love the people in his stories, then he kills them off.

Game of Thrones has come to HBO, and it carries the voice and purity of George RR Martins vision. It’s great storytelling.

In the first episode, Bran, son to the new King’s right hand man, is thrown from a tower window. He’s seen the Queen consorting where he shouldn’t have and her lover takes the only choice possible for survival. And just like that I’m hooked. I want to know what happens.

In last night’s episode, Bran wakes up after an assasin has tried to kill him, and his mother, who’s only crime was being in the same room with Bran, is attacked as well. They are saved, and in such a way that I know it’s going to matter through out the story arc of the series.

The scene execution is perfect.

Bran isn’t the only character this kind of stortelling happens to, he’s just very likable. There are other characters, worth hating, too.

For fans of Geoge RR Martin, I doubt they will be disappointed.