I considered pricing for an ebook for a long time. 99 cents might mean more sales, but some people won’t pay that because its too cheap, makes them think the book has no value. Others take the opposite view and are not willing to pay more than 99 cents for a book.

I looked at it like this: I spent a year and a half writing it or put another way, up to three hundred hours writing / editing/ and lets not forget research to make the world believable.

Then there’s the value of worth, mine. As in, how good a writer am I? Do I value myself, my work, my story telling. Am I willing to show people that, yes, I have value as an author.

Have a reached the end of my learning curve, not by a long shot. I’m in the game. Come join me.

It was a five dog day today; that means five dogs let me hug them, five people let me be affectionate to their pet. Gave me time out of their day for something they love and care for. I got five hugs, from the dogs, five smiles from the people, and a enough happiness to help make my day better.
I love fifteen dog days.

You know the drill; have a good dog day.

Wolf on Kindle

So I’ve sent, “Wolf: A military P.A.C. Novel” to Kindle. It should be up in a day or two. I’m excited and scared at the same time.
Hug your friends, kiss your mate. Don’t kick the dog.

Understanding the Universe

I don’t understand the universe.

It would be worse if I had a time machine.

Halfway There

Wolf is almost done, and ready for Kindle. I found the cover I wanted, and the photographer has given me permission to use his work. A few tweaks with a software program and I have text, and the right feel and atmosphere for the book.

I’m excited, and a little scared. C’est la vie.

Hug a dog, a friend, have a good day.

Authors that impress

Ilona Andrews, as good as Jim Butcher. That’s all I’m saying.

Voles in a Cage

Put two voles in a cage together. I dare you. The analogy here, it’s like mixing writing and what happens in life together in a beaker, waiting for it to explode.

This was a good writing weekend though.

No voles were damaged. No beakers exploded.

There were, however, assassins.

Wolf is in Beta

Wolf is finished with editing and in the hands of several beta-readers.

So what’s next; a collaboration with a fellow writer, and at the same time, the rewrite of a book that an editor has voiced an interest for his 2013 acquisitions. Of course this is still a look see, but the fact that he’s willing to look is great, and hopeful. So I’ll put the work in and see what happens.

Both projects are going well.

Be kind to yourselves, pat a dog, let someone be affectionate to you, even a smile.

Wolf – A Military P.A.C. Novel

So I’ve finished my latest book. I’m calling it Wolf – A military P.A.C. Novel. Of course, when I say it’s finished I’m only referring to the story line. It needs an edit now, and then a spelling and grammar check. I think the structure is fine but I’ll check that as well. Then I’ll put it through a couple of beta-readers for the things I might miss. Continuity and details, and the blind spots all authors have. Why do you think editors have a job? They’re needed.

But it’s a nice feeling to finish another. I have ideas for more works, and this one isn’t a stand alone novel but likely a trilogy or a series, so it won’t be the last one by a long shot.

Small victories become large victories. Words become paragraphs, become pages, become chapters. Soon it’s a book.

When you write, break it down for yourself so you can see the pieces.

Enjoy the puzzle.

It’s a Learning Experience

So ghostwriting was great, as far as it went. I wrote several stories, did some editing and wrote a 60,000 word thriller for a man in Wyoming. It was good, he liked it, and more importantly, I did too.

But I can’t live off my writing, yet. That was a disappointment. I’m a writer, I have an ego. But life will fix that. It’s important to know that I could do it and move on.

No, I haven’t given up on writing.

I’m close to finishing another book, this time my own, and I think I need to self-publish. Another step to getting known, to finding the confidence I sometimes lack, and getting better at writing.

Be kind to yourself, push at things you can change, don’t let others tell you what that is, your life is self-defined.

I Want More

So, I’m officially a ghostwriter now. I’ve finished my first contract and looking for more. I continue to write my own stories. I continue to edit and assess manuscripts. I have references that state my competence. But I want more. Yes, the money is part of it, there is no way around that. I do this for a living now. I want my own work published and I have work in with agents – my biggest default is that I don’t submit enough – but I still have about eight rejections this year, so far.

There will be more.

But right now, I want more. More from life, more from myself.

I wish you well, be kind. Smile.

Oh, and write, please, please, write. Don’t give up, it’s the only way you get better.