A totally riveting opening, sets the scene for this fast-paced, action-packed dystopian sci-fi thriller.  In her first hour of being enrolled at a Corporation school, Book is pitted in a level 3 fight with a fellow student.  Within minutes she breaks his leg and smashes in his nose.  In spite of this brutal introduction, the two of them become friends. BUT, her father’s enemies surround her, and want her dead.  She has no idea why.

Book is a social misfit who has been brought up and trained to be a fighting machine by her reclusive father who manages to resist the “God’less” disease he is afflicted with.

In this dystopian society, the Roman Catholic Church and the Corporations are seemingly at odds. The God’less are simply exterminated.  Book’s father has taught her that the way out, is space.  This means indenturing one’s self to a Corporation and taking the serum that is supposed to prevent the God’less disease.  But the serum can cause genetic mutations and sometimes it gives the user the disease.

I simply LOVED this book.  I am a fan of Sci-Fi, but seldom have I seen it written so incredibly well.  The author, KL Mabbs has created a totally believable society with edgy, believable characters that you either love or loath.

A word of warning.  Start reading this book early in the day. You will NOT want to put it down until you have come to the very satisfying ending!

If I could give it more than FIVE STARS I would.  AND, based on my sleepless night, I will definitely be getting the authors other books!