About Me


I grew up in Vancouver, BC, Canada, wanting to write about hero’s the way Robert E. Howard did, or Edgar Rice Burroughs. The original inspiration for this hero worship was my parents, who saved the whole family from a fire. Father took our brothers out the front door and then came back for the rest of us. By that time the flames made escape impossible. Mother, while searching for me, tripped over me in smoke thicker than sand. Dad kicked out an upper story window, slicing through his Achilles tendon doing so.They saved us all.

I write with passion and emotion creating stories that pull one along to the final page.

Look for my short story, The Birthing, in Horrors of History by Fey Publishing and Spellsword, coming out with Fey Publishing late 2013 / early 2014.

Wolf: A Military P.A.C. Novel, currently on Amazon.

Soon to be on Amazon, The God’less Saga, a military sci-fi.

I’ve worked as a Blaster in a logging camp, a Fabricator for a brass bed company, built M.R.I.s, and been a Ghostwriter, to name only a few professions.

I have a million words to my credit, so far.

I continue to self-publish, and submit stories to the more conventional venues.